These work so well with Mystery of History, thank you so much for creating them! My children love coloring them and they look nice on our dining room wall – not tacky at all. They’ve been a huge help. I’ve referred quite a few friends here and I’m back to purchase the next volume.


These work so well for use with Veritas Press history cards! They will save me hours of searching to find just the “right” image for our timeline/pop-up books/ coloring pages.


Our family LOVES [these] printables for Mystery of History! We have been using them for years, and my children – from 5 to 14 (both genders) all enjoy coloring the pages and the timeline figures. I really appreciate that her drawings are simple enough to be easy to color and view, but detailed enough to convey the sense of each lesson. … Our favorite way to use the drawings is to listen to the lesson while coloring the corresponding page. It gives their hands something to do while reinforcing the lesson. I’m excited to have an easy way to review main memorization events – one less thing for me to figure out, hooray!


Our kiddos are loving these coloring pages to go with the audio book of vol 3 Mystery of HIstory. They listen while they color. It’s perfect!


My son loves these. We use them for our Mystery of History study, and they work perfectly. He is dyslexic, so I don’t want him to dread taking history notes. The coloring sheets are something he can enjoy while I read our lesson. These sheets are his favorite because the pictures are simple and match our lessons so well!


Thanks for the great Timeline stickers. These are so. much. easier to use than searching up images online, individually, to fulfill our Timeline requirements. They are easy to color and easy to use. Best of all… I didn’t have to make them!


Fantastic .. printed lovely on to sticker paper ..great value cute pictures thankyou


Makes history timeline easy! The pictures are cute, easy to color, and really sum up the topic well. My son enjoys placing the stickers on his timeline!


Our co-op uses these stickers for a timeline that the students create to go with our history curriculum (Tapestry of Grace). The stickers are a great product- easy to color, with just enough detail, and easy to peel and stick.


We have just discovered this wonderful website after buying The Mystery of History books for our children recently. The simple but precise printables available here are spot on, now I don’t have to search 101 websites for suitable pictures to help my boys remember their timeline.


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