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As a teacher, you are always looking for ways to make your class more engaging. We’re here to help! With the Timeline Figures resources, your students will more enjoy learning and strengthen their memory of history. We’ve also made these simple and unique drawings more affordable so you can easily offer copies to all of your students.

The Teacher Resources come as downloadable PDFs, which can be copied using the Copyright Permission forms.

3 Sizes Available


Standard size timeline figures are perfect for a wall timeline.  Approximately 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches.  12 per page.


Mini timeline figures work great in a notebook timeline.  Fit on 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch circle sticker labels.  30 per page.


Full page timeline figures make great coloring pages for younger students.  1 per page.


Want it all? Get the bundle by volume and save.

Additional Teacher Resources


The wall-size timeline is 30 feet long and is great for putting Timeline Figures in order on your wall.


The notebook timeline comes in 2 varieties: 10-year increments (43 ft long) and 5-year increments (86 ft long).


Test your students’ memory with these Timeline Figures and dates. 12 Figure and date pairs per volume.


Help your students study with these pre-made flash cards, ready for use.

Co-op and Classroom Teachers

Our products aren’t just fun for homeschool families. They’re beneficial for students in co-op classes and traditional classrooms too!

Purchasing products for each student in your class could get expensive, so we put together packages to save you money.

Printable Products, Classroom-Accessible

Our Teacher resources are PDFs that can be printed and then copied using the Copyright Permission Form, saving you money and saving you from hassle.

Print the PDF


Copy with Permission


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