Frequently Asked Questions

Are these products compatible with Mystery of History?
Yes, they are. In order to honor Mystery of History’s copyright, the titles and contents are not the same. However, all the events and characters you need are here.
I bought a download. Where is it?
  1. Answer 1: After your PayPal transaction you should click to return to the Merchant’s site, where you will find a notice. Just click the download button.
  2. Answer 2: If you registered an account when you ordered, you can log into your account and find your downloads there.
  3. Answer 3: You can find the link for your download on your emailed invoice. Click the link and then save the file onto your computer.
  4. Answer 4: Sometimes when you click the Download link, it will move the pdf to your Downloads folder on your computer. Check there.
  5. Answer 5: Occasionally an invoice from My Homeschool Printables is slow to show up. Please give your email at least an hour. If, after checking this list you still cannot find your download, please use the Contact form to get ahold of me. I will usually resend your invoice, and can include your link via email. If all else fails, I can you a file directly.
I bought an older version of one of your downloads. Can I still access it?
Yes! Volumes 2, 3, and 4 were very recently updated, and the old files were replaced with the new files. You can use the updated (nicer, newer) files, but I understand if you need to use the old one in order to make your collection match. Please use the Contact Form to send me an email, stating your name which product you are looking for. I will add the old file to your invoice and resend it to you to download.
I have a question and I emailed you, but you never responded. What’s up?

The best way to get ahold of me is the Contact page. These messages come straight to my inbox. Responding to questions is top-priority for me. Even so, I am juggling 5 kids + dinner. That being said, I do always respond to questions, usually the same day.
So, if you did send me feedback and a day or two has passed without a reply, try checking your junk or spam folder. My response is probably there. 🙂

Am I allowed to copy these for my family to use at home?
Yes! Please make copies to use at home.
I am part of a co-op. Can I use your products with my class?

Yes! Please go to the SHOP and purchase copyright permissions for your class. We charge two dollars per student for copies. This is a huge savings. If you have a special situation, please use the Contact form to get in touch with us about it.

I’d like to make my own titles for your figures. What font do you use?
The fat outline font on the timeline figures and coloring pages is Big Bottom Cartoon. You can download it for free at www.dafont.com
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