Learning through play

Headline that conveys a message

Copy that tells how games help students learn and memorize. Looking for tools to make a timeline? Tired of scouring the internet for images that will look nice together in your notebook? We have what you need! This is our collection of ancient history images

Perfect for Busy Hands

These pages are awesome!! All three of my children love them. They color your pages while listening to the audio lesson which really aids in making a connection and in keeping their attention. I have my oldest penciling the smaller timeline figures which I will later laminate and put up. The younger two color the full sheets. Thank you so, so much for this resource and for sharing your talent.


Simple & easy to color

Wow! I love these coloring pages and your timeline figures. As much as I love the History through the Ages figures, yours are simpler and easier for coloring, especially for younger elementary grades. And thank you for making a wonderful FREE resources. Yay ๐Ÿ™‚ We will definitely use this resource with our Sonlight and MOH studies.


Packaged Nicely & Shipped Quickly

The timeline stickers are so fun! I found out about them from our homeschool co-op, and Iโ€™m very pleased. They shipped nicely packaged and in a timely manner. I look forward to seeing my children decorate them as we create our timelines. Thank you for designing them & making it so easy to order!


Timeline Matching Game

These Memory Games each use 12 prominent persons and events from their correlating volume. Each download includes instructions, 12 sets of memory cards, two โ€œcheatโ€ cards with the matching figures and dates, and some blank cards to customize.

Easy to Color
Compatible with all curriculums
stimulates discussion

Visual & Interactive Resources

These figures work great with any world history curriculum including Mystery of History.ย 

The visuals are available as timeline figures, coloring pages, and stickers.

Matchy Game

Really great words about this game and why you should buy it… Your students will love adding their own creative touch as they color the figures. They will also learn more as they connect the visual icon to each historical event.

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